Brisk Walking to Slow Aging

Brisk Walking


Slow down aging by picking up the pace.

Did you know that walking is one of the best things you can do for your health? Countless studies have been conducted on the benefits of walking, and research reveals that this everyday act you’ve been doing since you were a baby is considered by top-tier doctors and scientists to be nothing short of life-changing. 

Consider a clinical study of 1,000 men and women in which researchers shockingly discovered that by walking just 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, participants had 43% fewer sick days than people who opted to exercise just once a week. Even more incredible is the fact that if they did get sick, they were not sick for as long and their illness was not as severe as those who weren’t walking. 

That’s just one small bite of the incredible benefits that walking has to offer. Walking is also a great way to boost your energy if you’re feeling tired. When you hit that afternoon slump, put on your tennis shoes and head out for a short walk to get your blood flowing and your energy pumping. 

And if you’re feeling a bit blue, you can count on walking to improve your mood. A recent clinical study showed that walking for just 10 minutes decreases feelings of anger, sadness, and hostility. Keep that in mind the next time you feel yourself starting to tense up. 

Another great benefit you gain from walking was discovered by researchers at Harvard. They found that those who walked briskly for an hour per day managed to decrease the effects of weight-promoting genes in the body by 50%. This means that walking helps to counteract the genes in your body that cause weight gain and obesity. 

And we are just talking everyday walking – a stroll around the block. You don’t have to Firewalk like Tony Robbins to get the health benefits (though Tony’s Firewalk opens up a whole different level of benefits that you stand to gain a lot from). 

Take It to the Next Level With Brisk Walking

Though you can walk at a normal pace to experience some of the benefits above, by speeding up your pace just a little bit and turning your walk into a brisk one, you stand to gain a seriously incredible bonus benefit: slowing down biological aging.

Biological aging is different than normal aging and is determined by leucocyte telomere length (called LTL). Telomeres sit at the end of each chromosome in the body and it’s their job to protect the chromosome from damage. However, there is a catch to this protection. Every time a cell divides, the length of your telomeres gets shorter and shorter, until there is not enough length left for them to divide. Once the cells reach this stage, they are considered senescent cells. 

Scientists believe that the build-up of senescent cells leads to symptoms that typically go hand-in-hand with aging, such as a loss of strength and age-related diseases.

But what if we told you that you could keep your telomeres from shortening as quickly by doing nothing more than walking briskly for just 10 minutes a day? Today is your lucky day because we are here to tell you just that. 

Researchers from the University of Leicester have recently been working on a groundbreaking study and the results are in: a daily 10-minute brisk walk not only gives you a longer life expectancy, but it specifically can give you up to 20 more years of life than someone who walks slowly.

Though you can’t slow down your actual aging, you do hold the power to slow down your biological aging and give yourself more time to feel younger and better. Brisk walking is just one of the ways that you can do this. 

Tony Robbins has incorporated into his life a number of different advancements in precision and regenerative medicine to extend the length of his life. By doing this, Tony has, in less than a year, reduced his biological age from 62 to 51. He shaved 11 years off of his biological age, and you can do the same. Though not easy, you too can have the strength and stamina that Tony does in his sixties by taking control of your own health and working to restore your body at a cellular and molecular level. 

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