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5 Therapeutics to increase your energy and vitality right now. Turning back your biological clock has never been easier.

If you’ve ever been curious about how to vastly increase your energy, strength, and longevity, you may be happy to hear that there’s a laundry list of vitality enhancing and healthspan extending remedies on the market right now. Many of these groundbreaking therapeutics are sold over-the-counter, and others, already FDA-approved, simply require a physician’s prescription. 

Here are the best options available for anyone who is ready to restore the energy, pain-free functionality, and appearance of their younger years. As with anything pertaining to your health, it’s critically important to know that the sources of your therapeutics are safe, stable, and vetted — and as always, consult with your physician before beginning any regimen.

Peptides: Little Proteins, Big Impact

Peptides are the short chains of amino acids that help regulate cell division and gene expression. They’re also a big part of our repair kit for every tissue and organ in our body. We absorb peptides from meats, fish, and plant-based proteins, but as our bodies’ peptide stockpile diminishes with age, it can lead to a loss of function and a weakened, vulnerable immune system.

What’s incredible about peptides is that unlike chemical drugs, they preserve the body’s natural feedback loops and restore our natural balanced state. If you’re healthy, they can help you reach and sustain your physical peak. If you’re ailing, there’s a good chance they can help make you better. They may be small, but they pack a BIG punch. 

Currently, peptides are accepted as low-risk therapeutics for diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, with applications in the works for neurodegenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s. Maybe most exciting, they are emerging as a valuable tool in battling autoimmune conditions and degenerative disease. Millions of people have also turned to the peptide supplement market for bodybuilding, performance enhancement, and skin rejuvenation.

Currently, more than 80 peptides have been approved by the FDA to treat one or more diseases, with dozens more in the regulatory pipeline. Properly administered, peptides are about as safe as you’d expect natural substances to be, and recent advances like like fail-safe, auto-dosing, prefilled syringes, have made the shots simple and easy to apply.

Metformin: The Low Risk Wonder Drug

You may have heard of Metformin to be a first-line treatment for Type 2 Diabetes, but it’s also wildly popular in the field of longevity. In fact, experts say that this pennies-per-pill medication also protects you from cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimers — while also reversing the hallmarks of aging, from epigenetic changes to stem cell exhaustion. 

Here’s how it works: Just like intermittent fasting and intensive exercise, Metformin stresses the mitochondria, throwing the body into “repair mode.” With a three-pronged mechanism, it’s able to lower blood sugar, a critical factor for anti-aging. The beauty of metformin, as opposed to insulin or other diabetes medications, is that it won’t drive the body into hypoglycemia, a dangerous condition. If your level is healthy to begin with, metformin will keep it that way.

Metformin is covered by most insurance policies, it won’t break the bank, and has minimal side effects. And because it has been used for so many years, it’s been widely studied and has proven to be extremely safe.

Hormone Optimization Therapy: Reversing The Body’s Biological Age

Hormones are extremely important to the body’s core functioning — regulating everything from early growth and development to blood pressure, blood sugar, sex drive, and sleep. Unfortunately, as we get older, these natural chemical messengers become off-balance, and as a result, we become more vulnerable to stress, less interested in sex, lose our youthful appearance and our muscle mass.

Hormone Optimization Therapy (HOT) can help people avoid many age-related conditions long before they set off biomarker alarms on a blood test. By addressing an individual’s current physical, biochemical, and genomic data, physicians can paint a clinical picture of the best “biological” version of each patient, and then craft a custom program to restore peak health. 

While no intervention is “risk-free,” physicians very carefully weigh potential risk against potential benefits — and the opportunity costs of various other interventions — to inform and empower patients to make the best decision possible. Most importantly, the focus with HOT (as opposed to conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy) has now shifted from a reactive model to a proactive, preventive, and integrative care model, in an effort to promote longevity, enhance healthspan and peak- performance living.

NAD+: Recharging Our Cellular Batteries

NAD+ is a helper molecule found in every cell in our body. It partners with sirtuin vitality genes (the proteins that regulate cell metabolism and longevity genes) to keep them in good working order. More specifically, it helps process nutrients into ATP, the power “currency” of our cells. To put it simply, NAD+ is an essential component of all

living things and we’d be gone without it.

Unfortunately, by middle age, we lose half or more of our NAD+ reserve. Poor sleep, unhealthy eating, too much alcohol, and prolonged low-grade inflammation deplete us even more, leading to obesity, chronic fatigue, diminished, brain function and accelerated aging.

And while our cells absorb small amounts of NAD+ precursors from certain foods, it would be nearly impossible to drink enough milk or eat enough salmon to make up for our losses. The solution to replenishing NAD+ is two fold:

The first, according to Dr. David Sinclair and other top scientists in the age reversal space, lies in the use of NAD+ supplements. Observed in animal trials, the results of NAD+ supplements have been nothing short of spectacular.

In one such study, older mice were given NAD+ precursor supplements, and as a result, became slimmer, had improved insulin sensitivity, and more youthful stem cell function. They also returned to more youthful circadian rhythms and sleep cycles. Other rodent studies have shown dramatic impact on dementia, kidney and liver disease, osteoporosis, noise-related hearing loss, and cancer. 

In another Australian study done on older female mice, NMN (a precursor to NAD+) dramatically improved egg quality and increased the ratio of live births, suggesting that it can potentially be used to restore female reproductive function and serve as a far less invasive option to IVF (in vitro fertilization). 

The second solution for restoring NAD+ levels involves preventing its loss in the first place, using a promising new player called NAD3 — a patent-pending nutraceutical containing a unique Wasabi japonica extract, theacrine and copper(I)-niacin complex. 

Preliminary preclinical and human studies suggest that NAD3 turbocharges enzymes that boost the conversion of NAD+ precursors (such as NMN) to NAD+, while also suppressing the activity proteins that deplete NAD+. In other words, it’s like it’s playing both on offense and defense at the same time.


There are also a great variety of over-the-counter nutraceuticals that can significantly boost healthspan and performance, including Vitamin D3, Omega-3 Fish Oil, and Magnesium, among many more . No matter which nutraceuticals you ultimately decide to explore, their impact will be universally enhanced by healthy activities, like regular aerobic exercise and strength training, a healthful diet (and time-restricted eating when appropriate), optimal sleep, social connection, and stress management and mindfulness techniques.

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